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How to Book Tickets

First time users have to click on Sign Up Now and fill in a registration form. Below that there are two more entries to be filled , namely User ID and Password. Then click on SUBMIT. After this to ensure the validity of your registration, you will receive an e-mail as per the e-mail address you have given in your registration form, so make sure that it is a valid one. In the e-mail you will get a registration code - note it down carefully and continue the registration process by clicking on the URL. You will now get a form in which you will be asked for your User ID, Password and Registration Code. Please note that ONLY if this registration code matches with the one in your e-mail, will your registration be confirmed. Now continue with the booking of your tickets.


In Jagadamba -- 10 seats for Dress Circle and 10 seats for Special Circle are available for every show.
In Sharada -- 10 seats are available for the Dress Circle only for every show.
In Rama Devi -- 10 seats are available for the Dress Circle only for every show.

Payment for all movie tickets will ONLY be in advance. You can now book and pay for your tickets in advance,
with your credit card (MasterCard/Visa) or by the Direct Debit of your account with ICICI Bank, IndusInd Bank, Centurion Bank, HDFC Bank or IDBI Bank. Tickets may be collected at the theatre premises. This facility is available for all the theatres in which internet booking is available.

Somebody who has already registered may directly enter your User ID and Password and start the booking procedure for your tickets.

If you have forgotten your Passcode, go to Forgotten Passcode and enter your User Id, Password and the date you had booked the tickets for. If the data entered is correct, then you will get an EMail with your Passcode.

Instructions for booking the tickets

Maximum number of tickets per person for each show is 5. Booking for every show will be stopped at 1400 hours on the previous day of the show.Once you book the tickets, a passcode will be displayed on your screen.

Remember the passcode correctly along with the number of tickets you have booked  and go to the theatre office to collect the tickets. You need not stand in the main queue. Please note that there should be no discrepancy in your passcode, or else you will forfeit the tickets you have booked.

You must arrive at the theatre at least one hour before the start of the show to buy the tickets you have booked (only applicable if you are buying your tickets from the theatre -Jagadamba and Sharada premises) from the manager's office/ticket counter, or else you will have to forego the tickets.

On a particular day, you are allowed to book for any two shows. In the event of your booking for a particular show (say the first show in Ramadevi) then you will not be able to book tickets for the first show in any other available theatre on the same day (say in Sharada).

At any point of time the theatre reserves the right to reject
your entry to the show.

This site is for genuine ticket bookings only. Please do not make bookings that you do not intend to honour. Crank bookings would attract a loss of membership.

Vizagcityonline/Net Savant cannot be held liable for any non performance of this service either due to the fault of the theatre, the network or any reason whatsoever.

We are not responsible if the movie is changed by the theatre without prior notice.

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